Leadlighting and Copperfoiling

Leadlight is the art of creating a design where the individual pieces of decorative glass are held together in a framework of lead came. It is most often seen in flat panels in windows or doors.
Copperfoiling is the method of joining pieces of glass using copper foil and solder. This technique allows creation of three dimensional works such as tiffany lampshades and jewellery boxes.

Following analysis of the risks involved in teaching courses that are very hands-on, tutors made the decision to cancel courses for the rest of this year. It is difficult to practice hand hygiene when handling glass and tools and the workroom space inhibits safe physical distancing. The COVID situation will be monitored and reviewed in January 2021.
Expressions of interest are being taken and you will be contacted when dates are scheduled.


Leadlight & Copperfoiling – Beginners

Tutor: Jenny Keys (Evenings)

This 9 week course cover skills and techniques necessary to continue onto advanced leadlight or copperfoil projects such as larger leadlight window panels incorporating intricate copperfoiled designs. Course includes concentration on glass scoring and cutting, safety, use of tools and pattern design. Tutor will provide a selection of designs suitable for beginner to create a 32 x 25 cm leadlight panel. You also learn copper foiling technique to make a small sun-catcher.

Numbers: Minimum 6. Maximum 8. 

Prerequisite: No experience necessary.

Evening: Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 pm (9 weeks)

Cost: $375.00 – includes all materials and course notes.

Copperfoiling – Beginners

Tutor: Jenny Keys (Evenings)

Choose from a range of sun catcher designs to learn skills and techniques of copperfoiling.  This 4 week course covers glass scoring and cutting, safety, and use of tools. On completion, you should have the skills and techniques to work on advanced copperfoil projects such as jewellery boxes or figurines; as well as being a prerequisite to enrol in the panel lamp construction course.

Numbers: Minimum 6. Maximum 8

Prerequisite: No experience necessary.

Evening: Tuesday 6:30 to 9:30 pm (4 weeks)

Cost: $175.00 – includes all materials and course notes.


Leadlighting and Copperfoiling – Intermediate / Advanced 

Tutor: Jenny Keys

Continue in a class environment with a tutor available for assistance. You might work on your leadlight or copperfoil project or even your next panel lamp. Materials are not included in the cost and will need to be purchased separately. Projects are of your own choosing and you can work at your own pace. Come prepared with design ideas and inspiration.

Numbers: Minimum 6. Maximum 8.

Prerequisite: Guild membership and Completion of Leadlight and Copper Foiling – Beginners; Copperfoiling – Beginners, or Panel Lamp Construction – Beginners courses.

When: Tuesday  6:30 to 9:30 pm (6 weeks)

Cost: $160.00 – materials not included. 

Panel Lamp Construction – Intermediate

Tutor: Jenny Keys

Choose from three lamp designs, or, you may choose your own simple pattern after discussion with, and agreement by, tutor. If you choose your own pattern, you may need to work in your own time to complete lamp.

Numbers: Minimum 5 with maximum of 8

Prerequisite: Completion of Leadlight and Copper Foiling – Beginners or Copperfoiling – Beginners courses.

Evening: Thursday 6.30pm to 9.30pm (10 weeks) 

Cost: $405.00 – includes copper foil, solder, lamp cap, spider, flux, patina, but not glass & lamp fixtures as these will vary depending on your requirements. (Glass for a basic lamp may cost $80.00 to $100.00.)


Copperfoiled Christmas Tree – A Christmas Activity 

Tutor: Jenny Keys 

Friends and family will admire your unique Christmas tree table decoration. Made from colourful art glass with edges copperfoiled and soldered, it is able to stand unsupported on a flat surface. Your decorative trinkets will really set it off!

Prerequisite: Ability to apply and solder copperfoil. Completion of Leadlight and Copper Foiling – Beginners or Copperfoiling – Beginners courses.

Numbers: Minimum  6. Maximum  8

When: Tuesday 6.30pm to 9.30pm (6 weeks)

Cost: $175.00 – chemicals only. Students supply copperfoil and glass (cost will vary depending on requirements).