About Us

The Creative Glass Guild of Queensland is a “not for profit” organisation run on a membership basis, and managed by volunteers.

Management Committee

The management committee are elected volunteers responsible for the operation of the Guild. This includes following, interpreting and enforcing the Rules of the Guild and making certain its operation complies with the law. The management committee is accountable to the Guild members.

For 2018, the Committee members elected at the Annual General Meeting are:

  • President: Kevin Grace
  • Vice-President: Ian Dymock
  • Treasurer: Debra Pym
  • Secretary: Katrina Jackson
  • Committee Member: Anne McCairney

There are other volunteers and tutors who organise and run courses, write and prepare newsletters, organise or participate in the annual exhibition, open for glass sales on Saturday mornings, maintain the building, equipment and grounds, maintain the library, order supplies and do all the chores necessary to run a successful guild.

To contact a Committee member or other volunteers, use the details on our Contact page.

Guild Meetings

General meetings

These are for members and are held bi-monthly on the 1st Monday of the month at 7.00pm (unless it is a public holiday – then meeting is held the second week). Meetings are at the Guild headquarters.

General meetings are shown on our Calendar. Come along and show your support.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held at the Guild on the first Monday of March each year, 7:00pm at Guild headquarters. Management Committee positions are declared open and members can nominate and vote on a new committee. All are welcome.

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