Mosaics with Marian Shapiro

Marian Shapiroan internationally recognised, multi-award winning artist is coming to Brisbane to share her special techniques working with smalti, and to introduce students to making and working with dimensional substrates for mosaic. 

Marian offers 2 courses –  Working with Smalti, a 2 day course, and Bend Fold and Undulate either 1, or 2 days, the second day leading you Into the Third Dimension.

Courses are suitable for people wanting to try smalti, and enhance their practice by making substrates that move from the flat to the dimensional. 

Working with Smalti [CC1]

  • Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 May – 9.00 am to 5.00 pm [2 days]  – Sold out 
  • Tuesday 22 & Wednesday 23 May –  9.00 am to 5.00 pm [2 days] – Sold out 

A traditional mosaic material, having unique properties with light, smalti has been used for thousands of years to produce mosaic work.  Discover the history of smalti and differences and similarities between the different makes.  Explore visual effects achieved by different ways of laying smalti. Learn how to cut using modern cutting techniques to work towards a mosaic (25 x 25 cm) of your own design.

Prerequisite: Intermediate mosaic experience – experience with smalti not necessary. Not suitable for beginners.

Cost: $270.00  (Early Bird if paid by 9 March);  $330.00 thereafter. Includes course notes and materials except smalti.  You will need 1-1.5 kg of smalti (about $40.00 to 65.00). Marian will advise how and where to obtain after registration.  

Numbers: Minimum 6 with maximum 10  

Bend, Fold and Undulate [CC2] 

Learn different methods of making dimensional substrates for mosaic, using fibreglass mesh and cement-based adhesive, to make two lightweight wall hanging substrates of your own design.  Substrates are made in two stages and you will finish yours at home.  Marian will supply a half-made folded or undulating substrate to complete during course so you get hands-on experience.  You should be confident to design and make your own substrates. 

Prerequisite: Some mosaic experience desirable

Date: Thursday 24 May  – 10.00 am to 5.00 pm  [1 day] – Sold out

Cost: $160.00 (Early Bird if paid by 28 Feb);  $190.00 thereafter.  Includes materials and course notes.

Numbers: Minimum 6 with maximum 12. 

Note: There is no mosaic work in this course.  Why not add on Into the Third Dimension and mosaic the substrate you completed? 

Into the Third Dimension [CC3] 

Want to move beyond the flat? Learn strategies of designing for, and working on, substrates that are not flat, using adhesives and colourants suitable for your piece.  Mosaic your substrate, completed during the Bend, Fold and Undulate course, with smalti, art glass or materials of your choosing.     

Prerequisite: Completion of full day Bend Fold and Undulate either at Creative Glass Guild or another venue.  Some mosaic experience required. 

Date: Friday 25 May – 10.00 am to 5.00 pm  [1 Day]  Sold out

Cost: $140.00 (Early Bird if paid by 28 Feb); $170.00 thereafter. Includes course notes, adhesives and colorants but not mosaic materials.

Note: You will need to supply mosaic materials sufficient to cover a substrate about 20 x 24 cm. You may purchase art glass at the Guild, 9:00am, before course starts.

Numbers: Minimum 6 with maximum 12  

Have questions about course content? 

 Email Marian for advice.