Becoming a new member

Full Membership

S6 & 8 of the Rules of the Creative Glass Guild outlines the Guild’s process for new membership. 

To apply, complete the New Membership form and make payment. 

The Committee, on receipt of your application, will arrange a proposer and seconder and undertake necessary checks. Depending on the date on which you applied, admission into the Guild may take about 2 weeks for your membership to be confirmed. 

Benefits of membership are not available until your application has been processed. 

Trial Membership

Three (3) months trial period of membership will be offered at completion of a Beginners course. You pay the $50.00 joining fee and enjoy full benefits of membership during the period. 

If you like what you try, you can sign-up for 12 month’s membership paying the $95.00 fee. No lapse may occur between the end of the trial and payment of the annual fee. This offer is not applicable to workshop or intermediate course attendees.

To apply for trial membership, complete the Trial Membership form and make payment.